August 06 2020
Am I suitable for a skin lifting treatment?

Our skin loses collagen and elastin as we age. Although it is inevitable, besides internal factors as such genetics, this process can be sped up by sun exposure, air pollution and smoking. Skin ageing can happen as early as in your mid-twenties, and that makes it even more crucial that we look after our skin diligently. Thus, our skin lifting treatment is not limited to someone who already has wrinkles or sagging skin. If you have droopy eyelid or under-eye bags, our skin lifting treatment can help you with that.

It may seem that non-invasive skin lifting treatment is suitable mainly for females, but that is not true. Men’s skin does age too. Although the process of skin ageing is different compared to women, signs of ageing are much more prominent for men. You may notice deeper wrinkles on the forehead, eye area and between the brows. Maybe your jawline is not as crisp as before, or your eyes are starting to sag. Our skin lifting treatment can certainly help reverse that. 

So, are you suitable for a skin lifting treatment, the answer is yes. Starting proper skincare treatment early can slow down the process of ageing and retain the youthfulness of our skin. Who does not want to look forever 18, right? For further enquire or to book an appointment, drop us a WhatsApp message at 9656 3839 or call us at 6732 0308 today! 

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