July 16 2020
The right way of wearing a surgical mask

Take a walk on the streets today and you may find some people wearing their mask strangely. At times, it can look silly and holding a laugh hurts your tummy a little. But, do you know the right way of wearing a surgical mask?

Before touching a mask, clean your hands with hand sanitiser or soap and water to avoid transferring dirt onto the mask. Hold the ear loops and bring it close to your face. Ensure that you cover your nose, mouth and chin, then loop the elastic band onto your ear. Once the fit is comfortable, pinch the metal wire so that it moulds to the shape of your nose. That is how to wear a surgical mask correctly.

Wearing a surgical mask protects you from coming in direct contact with the virus. The mask acts as a shield when your nose, mouth and chin is covered, preventing the virus from entering into your system. Wearing a surgical mask also protects others from the virus. If you unknowingly happened to be a carrier of the virus, you will be protecting your loved ones when you wear a mask.

However, wearing a mask incorrectly can be risker than not wearing one. According to this experiment by A*Star, not covering your nose, mouth and chin may expose you to a higher chance of infection or unknowingly infecting others! Watch our video below to find out the proper way of wearing a surgical mask so that you are fully protected from the virus. 

Remember that wearing a surgical mask alone cannot protect you from the virus and must be combined with safe distancing measures and proper hand hygiene.

Stay safe everyone.

Disclaimer: The content and information in this article is the opinion of the author and property of LinC Aesthetic Clinic Pte Ltd. It is for educational purposes and not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Kindly contact your medical doctor with questions you may have regarding your medical condition. Relying on information provided by this content is done at your own risk. Should you suspect that you are a carrier of COVID-19, see a doctor immediately.

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