The Medical Director

Dr Patrina Wong, founder and medical aesthetic director of LinC Aesthetic Clinic, is an experienced general practitioner in non-invasive medical aesthetics and wellness solutions.

She has more than 28 years of experience providing customised solutions to help her clients achieve their personal goals in beauty and fitness. With her expertise and experience in aesthetics, her clients are assured of quality and effective solutions with the most desired outcome.

Dr Patrina Wong’s mindset

Dr Wong adopts a holistic approach which is based on the understanding of the client's needs and lifestyle before recommending the appropriate treatments. She strongly believes that individualised solutions will bring about more effective results for her clients.

Her team-oriented style means that her clients will not only have a great aesthetic result but an overall emotionally positive experience. Dr Wong's forte is in providing professional yet personalised care. Many of her clients have been with her for more than 20 years, a testimonial to her dedication to her clients and recognition of her strengths in providing quality and effective solutions.

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Education achievements

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    Dr Wong completed her medical training at the National University of Singapore and obtained her MBBS in 1992. She then pursued her postgraduate training in Clinical Dermatology from the University of Wales in Cardiff, United Kingdom under the mentorship of Professor Andrew Finlay, a leading professor of dermatology. She was awarded the Diploma in Practical Dermatology in 1998.

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    Being an advocate of life-long learning, Dr Wong pursued her Master of Science in Aesthetic Medicine from Queen Mary University of London (UK) in 2014, where she graduated with a distinction in 2016.