June 25 2020
Are you actually washing your face correctly?

Washing our face is the basis of any skincare routine. It is assumable that everyone knows how to cleanse our face. However, are we cleansing correctly, and how exactly should we be washing our face?

But first,


-- Nicole Valek

Washing our face daily is crucial as the accumulation of sweat, dirt, and oil can clog our pore, causing severe acne. That is not what we would want. Washing our face also helps to maintain our skin natural moisture and pH level. It is essential to keeping our skin looking radiant and healthy, and prevent excessive production of oil. Ultimately, washing our face allows the surface to better absorb all the goodies in other products and treatment in our skincare routine. Let’s take a look at the correct way of washing our face.

Now, you may be asking, so what is the correct way of washing your face. Before we begin talking about that, make sure you have clean hands. Having clean hands is crucial as you may unknowingly transfer bacteria, germs and dirt lingering on your hands onto your face. Then start by wetting your face and taking a coin size amount of product onto your palm. Foam up the products between your palms and apply it onto your face in a circular motion from the bottom upward. Without using too much pressure, focus on the jawline, chin, cheeks, nose, then forehead. Ensure that as you are washing, you are not dragging the skin downward but pulling it up. Massage the cleanser gently for a full minute and avoid rubbing your face during the process.

Once you have done cleansing, rinse your face with warm water by lightly splashing and dry with a towel gently in an upward motion. Ensure that you are always using a clean towel and not rubbing your skin. You can also pat to dry your face but do not drag your skin downwards.

All in all, to know that you are washing your face correctly, you should:
1. Be consistent with how often you wash your face
2. Use a suitable cleanser
3. Apply coin size amount of cleanser with clean hands in a circular motion
4. Gently massage cleanser for a full minute
5. Lightly splash warm water to rinse off
6. Dry skin with a clean towel in upward motion or pat to dry

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