May 14 2020
Skin is not wine, it DOES NOT get better with age!

Men who enjoy a fine wine now and then take care to preserve their wine, such as investing in a wine fridge and monitoring conditions of light, temperature and humidity, but few would devote the same amount of attention to their skin, and here’s the bad news – skin, unlike wine, does not age well.

Yet, the skin that wraps your face is the first thing a person notices when you are introduced at a social setting. Shouldn’t this be enough reason to give your skin more attention than it deserves? 

Perhaps you are someone who eat well, exercise, hydrate regularly, and ensure you get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. You even cut out tobacco and alcohol just to ensure you are at the prime of your life. Despite the disciplined and balanced lifestyle, you might look at the mirror and still see a haggard face staring back at you. What went wrong?

Truth is, once you are past your 20s, skin deterioration automatically sets in. Your skin loses moisture and becomes increasingly dry and rough. It loses elasticity, sags and develops hanging loose skin. There is also the formation of lines and wrinkles. For many, what is particularly unsightly is pigmentation (age spots) caused by skin oxidation and sun damage. 

While aging skin is an irreversible process, you can delay its effects. Do not merely settle for “age-appropriate” skin, aim for that younger-than-your-age skin tone and texture. What has been particularly effective are laser treatments that stimulate new collagen growth. Such treatments are not time-consuming and come with minimal recovery time. With a prescribed number of sessions coupled with an adequate skin care regime, one can expect the effects of laser treatment to last between six months to a year. 

However, if laser treatment is not an option now, LinC Aesthetic Clinic has got you covered with its anti-aging skincare products to help combat the effects of aging skin. An initial consultation is recommended to ascertain the condition of your skin plus this allows our dedicated team to customise treatment options and products suitable for your skin type. 

Initial consult can be done by scheduling an appointment by Telemedicine during the Circuit Breaker or at the clinic after 1st June 2020. You can reach us at +65 9656 3839. 

Subsequent orders of LinC’s products can be ordered easily by phone or by Whatsapp, at +65 9656 3839.

Disclaimer: The content and information in this blog article is the opinion of the author and property of LinC Aesthetic Clinic Pte Ltd. It is for educational purposes and not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Kindly contact your medical doctor with questions you may have regarding your medical condition. Relying on information provided by this content is done at your own risk.

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