May 28 2020
When Eyebrow Tattooing Goes Terribly Wrong

Well-defined brows can make a face look fresh and exciting. Take a peek at the social media space and you will find that Instagram-worthy brow in every corner. Putting on makeup every morning is time-consuming. Drawing the extremely perfect brows can be tough to achieve, especially if you are in a dash for the bus. That’s where eyebrow tattooing comes to the rescue. 


What goes behind eyebrow tattooing?
An eyebrow tattoo is a process where artificial pigments are placed into the skin of the eyebrows, creating an outline and image that is similar to having a tattoo pierced on any other parts of our body. Over the recent years, the term “eyebrow embroidery” is being used as the technique of placing these pigments by creating hairline strokes to fill in thinning or sparse brows (this method is called microblading). The 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D is a marketing ploy to determine how close the strokes shall be and how dense you wish the brows to turn up. 

What can go wrong with eyebrow tattooing?
Freshly crafted tattoos can appear darker than what you had wished for. Give it two weeks and usually the colour will fade slightly. If after one month and the colour is still too dark for your liking, you can reduce the colour concentrate with medical lasers.

Older tattoos can fade, turning into an unsightly green colour, looking like a washed-out bruise. Not as common, but rather distressing, is when you notice your brows are not symmetrical or are bearing a fork at the end of the brows. We all know that our brows are sisters, not twins. But an exaggerated asymmetry is pretty obvious that things are not the way it should be. 

What can you do to remedy it?
Tattoo removal medical lasers can save the day. These have been around for decades and proven to be effective and safe. 

The latest offering is the picosecond lasers such as PicoWay. This laser delivers pulses in one-trillionth of a second into the skin, causing the tattoo pigments to break down in fragments. Because the laser goes in and out of the skin in such a fast manner, it hits on the pigments in a precise and comprehensive way to aid in the defragmentation of the pigments. Its speed protects the skin from overheating and severe swelling. 

What are the after-laser appearance and downtime? 
Almost normal. Immediately after the treatment session, there is very minimal swelling and redness on the brows that are being treated. This swelling and redness can last for two hours to half a day. The greatest advantage of this laser treatment is that the hairs on the brows are not burnt or removed, so your natural full eyebrows are intact.

In 24 hours, the treated brows look normal, with the tattoo still showing. The amount of removal of the tattoo will be more obvious in approximately two weeks after the treatment is done.

How many sessions will be needed?
Generally, it takes four sessions to remove 80% of eyebrow tattoos. Fanciful colours with red, green and blue mixed in the brow tattoo will take a couple of sessions more.

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