May 21 2020
Back to office and need a quick fix for your skin

For weeks now, you’ve not had to dress up for work. You don’t bother shaving or grooming, and you secretly celebrate the fact that you can choose not to wear pants for your video conference meetings. Before you know it, the “back to work” order has been given and you realised you had not done anything for your skin other than the occasional scrub-over with soap. Your face shows signs of neglect, lots of neglect. The thought of showing your face to your colleagues overwhelms you with a sense of dread.

If you are a busy professional who considers your face decently scrubbed all this while, showing up for work with bad skin is not something you had anticipated. All is not lost though. If you are not due to return to work yet, now is the time to start repairing your skin before it is too late. Kickstart a daily facial regime by following these four easy steps: 

1. Cleanse: 
Use a mild foaming cleanser before shaving to get rid of daily grime on your face. Do find a cleanser that is not too strong so as not to ruin the skin’s natural oils. 

2. Treat: 
After shaving, dab some serum. Even at home, your face may be subjected to stresses from UV rays, air pollution, cigarette smoke and industrial chemicals, hence some repair is necessary. 

3. Moisturise: 
Apply moisturizer. When exposed to the elements, or even the air-conditioner, your skin can dry up easily. A good moisturizer to rehydrate skin is a must.

4. Sunblock: 
Apply sunblock over the moisturizer. Sunblock is not just for the pool and outdoors. The time spent walking from home to a nearby supermarket or the ATM can add significant sun exposure and causes skin damage. 

Following these four steps daily would ensure your face looks and feels great for the final unveil when you return to work. If you find these four steps unmanageable, start with a 3-step “Cleanse, Moisturise, and Sunblock” routine and add the “Treat” step gradually. The key here is consistency, whether it is a 4-step or 3-step regime. After all, a quick fix, no matter how brief, is better than none at all. 

What if the impending return looks like it will happen sooner than expected? What you will need is a Resus (Resuscitation) Kit, and this can be delivered to your home!

LinC Aesthetic Clinic’s Resus Kit, as its name suggests, is to jumpstart your skin and stimulate healthy skin cells to revive your face to its former glory. The Resus Kit consists of these steps:

Step 1: Exfoliate and remove dead skin cells
Step 2: Deep cleanse to clear clogged pores
Step 3: Hydrate tired-looking skin
Step 4: Lighten skin pigmentation and even out skin tone

Even though a standard Resus Kit is available, an initial consultation is recommended to ascertain the condition of your skin plus this allows our dedicated team to customise treatment options and products suitable for your skin type. 

Initial consult can be done by scheduling an appointment by Telemedicine during the Circuit Breaker or at the clinic after 1st June 2020. You can reach us at +65 9656 3839. 

Subsequent orders of LinC’s products can be ordered easily by phone or by Whatsapp, at +65 9656 3839.

Disclaimer: The content and information in this blog article is the opinion of the author and property of LinC Aesthetic Clinic Pte Ltd. It is for educational purposes and not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Kindly contact your medical doctor with questions you may have regarding your medical condition. Relying on information provided by this content is done at your own risk.

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