July 01 2021
Telemedicine Service Available

LinC Aesthetic Clinic has been offering telemedicine consultation services since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This service has provided our current and new patients, both locally and overseas, a safe and convenient platform to consult Dr. Patrina Wong on their skin concerns. During the times when the COVID-19 situation worsened, we are still able to reach out to our patients, giving them the professional medical advice and care that they require. We have provided some essential information you need to know about telemedicine consultations in this article as we embrace technology in medical care in these new times that we are living in.

Telemedicine..."It allows us to connect a patient to a doctor and it allows us to erase time and distance which is really the miracle of telemedicine."

~ Jay Robbins (Director of Telemedicine, Tlft Regional)

LinC Aesthetic Clinic is pleased to be offering telemedicine consultations for patients who are not able to attend our clinic in person. We hope this service will allow our patients to enjoy professional medical advice for any skin concerns you may have and provide effective treatments at your convenience.

Telemedicine consultation is encouraged for stable and mild skin conditions. For acute, serious and rapidly progressing skin conditions, face-to face consultations are highly recommended at the clinic.

1.    Acne
2.    Pigmentation issues
3.    Preliminary advice for face rejuvenation treatments (e.g. Hyaluronic acid fillers, face threadlift, botulinum toxin injections)
4.    Skincare advice for treatment of oily, sensitive or blemished skin
5.    Skin lumps/bumps – visibly identifiable and easily photographed
6.    Mild eczema
7.    Mild rashes
8.    Hair thinning / Hair loss
9.    Nail issues

1.    Severe eczema, skin infections or inflammation
2.    Rashes/bumps on scalp or genitalia
3.    Severe rashes (amounting to fever)
4.    Blistering rashes
5.    Inflamed cyst or abscesses
6.    Suspicious/changing moles that require close examination
7.    Any other rapidly worsening skin conditions

For more information or to book a teleconsultation appointment with Dr. Patrina Wong, please contact us at +65 6732 0208 or drop us a WhatsApp message at +65 9656 3839.

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