What are they, and what causes them to appear?

Aging is worn most visibly on our skin. Moles and freckles may not have bothered you in your youth, but as we age, our bodies undergo changes that can transform once cute brown spots into multiple, darkened spots that have increase in shape or size.

These can be skin tags, moles, age spots, oil seeds, cyst, warts, hives, cherry angiomas and the list goes on. Although lumps, bumps, and moles are known to crop up on our skin as we age, and are usually benign, it’s always best to keep a trusted eye on any growths, lesions, or spots.


With appropriate treatment, it is possible to: 

  • Remove the lumps and bumps 
  • Maintain smooth and even-toned skin texture 
  • Remove moles

A personal consultation with the doctor is required prior to any treatment, in order to create a customized plan that will ensure optimal results for you. 

Skin tags, Oil seeds, Milia, Moles

Can be affordably removed with state-of-the-art medical aesthetic devices now! 


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