Large Pores

Large pores are the result of three significant factors.

What are large pores?
Large pores are the result of 3 significant factors:

  • Genetics
    If your skin type is oily, the chances of you having large pores are higher.
  • Ageing
    As we age, sun damage and reduction of skin elasticity can cause the dilation of our pores. This causes our skin to thicken, causing tiny cells to gather around the edge of the pores, making them seem larger.
  • Blackheads
    Blackheads occur when the pore is clogged by dirt and bacteria, leading to oil accumulation. This expands the diameter of the pore, making them appear larger.

With appropriate treatment, it is possible to:
• Achieve smoother, refined skin
• Reduce oiliness of skin
• Reduce pore blockage

A personal consultation with the doctor is required prior to any treatment, in order to create a customized plan that will ensure optimal results for you.

Available Treatments

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